It is important to keep children busy and keep them engaged in positive activities. The school is a great place to have students develop positive interactions and stay busy in a productive way. There are some ideas for school events that are fun, educational , and safe.

Locker Art contest

This activity will allow students to express their creativity. They can decorate their lockers for a special event or to show off their personality. They can use a number of items to create decorations. If the school has a PTO they can give out small prizes to the locker that is the most creative.

Coffee Talks

Periodically parents can come in the school and have coffee with the teachers, principal, guidance counselor , and even the students can be in attendance. This way they can discuss some issues and talk about what the students are learning at their grade level.

Field Day

Many students enjoy physical activities and hosting a field day is a great way to keep them active and engaged. Students can complete a number of sports activities and sport themed competitions. This will be dome in fun and the students should encourage their classmates to complete these physical challenges.

Family Bingo

This activity will encourage the entire family to participate. The school can host a bingo event where there are small prizes awarded. The bingo boards can have an academic theme and encourage the students and their parents to work together to find out the right answers.

Welcome Back Picnic

At the beginning of the school year of after an extended break the school can host a picnic. There can be simple treats and some games. Students can help out with the games and other events. This will allow them to have fun and be involved in the same way.

These are just some of the activities that can involve school kids and allow them to engage in something productive. These activities will allow the students to do something positive and will keep them engaged and involved in school.