Deciding which college to choose for your studies is a very important decision as it not only affects your immediate course of studies but also has a deep impact on your career and professional life. Keeping this in mind BGS lays key emphasis on the quality of education provided.


The professors, lecturer, course trainers are all highly qualified and are capable of delivering the courses with proper communication with the students. The faculty at BGS is carefully chosen from well reputed universities, and all teachers come from a strong academic background. The BGS administration maintains strict discipline and no compromises are made when it comes to delivering quality education. BGS previous policies for academic requirements has been made more flexible as the school holds a strong belief in upbringing excellence and academic brilliance amongst students which can be pivotal in their course of study and motivates them to achieve higher goals.

MBA Program:

The MBA program in BGS is a must for students who have an aptitude for business administration or are keen in or are keen in international business and business law. At BGS it is possible to register for a MBA program without prior work experience, a reason due which has inhibited many students from choosing MBA programs especially in the university’s of USA.

Choosing for MBA program has many advantages in its own. Firstly well equipped faculty can offer better and more focused approach towards your studies alongside helping you overcome your weaknesses. MBA faculty members are all important personalities of their niche.

BGS prides in having the most distinguished MBA faculty of UK.
BGS maintains a high standard of education and personal care. BGS guarantees first class education along with individual support and care. Being a part of BGS will open doors to quality education delivered by the best educationists.
BGS gives you a unique life style and exposure to a multi-cultured environment.

The MBA program is devised to suit the versatile nature of the business market so that the students are well trained to suit the lifestyle and nature of the work. The degree can be completed in 1 year and most of our students are expected to complete it within this time period.

MBA is a widely acknowledged degree that is acceptable worldwide. This program has been specifically designed for starters in the business world, people with the vision of becoming entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, project managers and all those who need to excel in this particular field. The course connects you to a privileged network of global achievers. The MBA program can be taken as personal challenge for some and the course outline has been kept so that it appeals to this trait of the students. The MBA degree provides the required momentum needed to establish a strong hold in future business enterprises. This also serves as an international mark of recognition for anyone who is willing to start their own business. At BGS dedicated faculty, research facilities and training staff groom students to the fullest of their capabilities.

Affordable and Flexible

Birmingham is the center place of UK and offers a well maintained yet affordable life style. The BGS administration also caters for student’s needs. If you are determined to achieve your goals, work hard and produce the best of your talent, BGS makes sure that you are helped in the every possible manner. Irrespective of your background, previous academic abilities or economical scenario, looks for the spark inside the students. BGS aimed at helping you at every step and overcome any obstacle. BGS believes that success can be attained by maintaining a positive and professional approach towards your studies and career. BGS encourages students to create inner confidence and face all challenges of academic as well as professional life.

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English Language

At BGS, all MBA courses are taught in English language. With stress on effective verbal and written communication our faculty delivers lectures with the best possible measures. Birmingham Graduate School knows that it is vital for you to succeed so for those students whose mother language is not English, offers extra skill development sessions.

Birmingham Graduate School realizes the fact that many international students may not have a fair hand in English language and require improvement in this department. Therefore to overcome this problem BGS pre-assesses students for the capability in writing and speaking English so that necessary steps can be taken which make smooth flow of education possible for these students. If your English language skills are close to our set level BGS arranges for some pre-requisite course which are to be taken in order to upgrade your level so that there is no sort of trouble in comprehending course lectures. However it is the school’s recommendation that students who doubt their English language ability should either undertake courses or should come to UK three months before start of classes and undergo extensive training sessions.