Classic and Unique Retirement Gift Ideas for Teachers


A teacher holds a very special place in the life of every student. We often forget the invaluable guidance of our teachers especially since schools are busy places and faculty members are busy people. Teachers dedicate their entire lives passing on knowledge and guiding young people to develop in intellect and skills.

Their retirement time is one opportunity that you can reflect on their influence in your life and gift them with gifts that they will truly cherish the rest of their lives and bring back memories of their time at school. It is an incredible profession that requires an amazing person and hence they truly deserve an awesome gift at the time of their retirement. Below are some classic and unique retirement gift ideas for your teachers.

A Silver Eternity Rose

A rose has always been a symbol of love and appreciation. This silver eternity rose is a perfect gift for teachers at their retirement. The elegant silver-dipped rose packed in a stylish leather case with blue velvet interior is a long-lasting memento for any special teacher. Instead of it being merely a farewell gift, it rather reflects a celebration of the value they added to your life during their teaching years. Surely, there can be no finer way to express your appreciation than to gift this lustrous rose. It will definitely be cherished by your teacher. You can find this silver rose here.

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Tips and Ideas for School Events

It is important to keep children busy and keep them engaged in positive activities. The school is a great place to have students develop positive interactions and stay busy in a productive way. There are some ideas for school events that are fun, educational , and safe.

Locker Art contest

This activity will allow students to express their creativity. They can decorate their lockers for a special event or to show off their personality. They can use a number of items to create decorations. If the school has a PTO they can give out small prizes to the locker that is the most creative.

Coffee Talks

Periodically parents can come in the school and have coffee with the teachers, principal, guidance counselor , and even the students can be in attendance. This way they can discuss some issues and talk about what the students are learning at their grade level.

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MBA in International Business Law

The MBA in Business Law provides a broadly-based postgraduate level of education in management and law for pre and post experience graduates. It is not restrictive in limiting admission to graduates with prior work experience, as we believe new first degree graduates are well able to take a Masters program in management. graduate specialise in law subjects during the second term, and while the modules taken are very standard, the programme has a distinctly international orientation.

Teaching and learning will be achieved through lectures, seminars, tutorials, guided independent study, and a variety of assessments, including examinations. The course will be taught in a modular format, with each module normally being taught in an intensive one-week block.

The MBA in International Business Law aims to equip you with the following competencies and understanding: Continue reading